LABarkadahan : a Study Tour Activity

LABarkadahan - came from the acronym LAB* which is the Librarians Association of Batangas and the word “Barkadahan” a Tagalog term used when a group of people is going somewhere to look or visit something.

Last January 30, 2009, the Librarians Association of Batangas (LAB) had a study/educational tour entitled “LABarkadahan” in pre-selected libraries and museums in Metro Manila namely, Ateneo De Manila University-Rizal Library; Lopez Libraries and Museum; and the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL).

The activity aimed to expose librarians and library personnel to these state-of-the-art libraries in the country and to gain valuable knowledge on the latest trends in organizing their myriad resources and how these libraries are being efficiently managed.

It was participated by librarians and staff from the different libraries in Batangas : (2) from University of Batangas (UB); (2) from Casa Del Bambino; (3) from Golden Gate Colleges; (2) from Batangas Provincial Library; (1) from Regional Trial Court of Batangas; (2) from Lipa City Colleges; (1) from FAITH; and (2) from De La Salle Lipa. Many commented that they learned and discovered many things during the tour. (Lilian C. Rabino)

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